What is DNS?
Domain Name Service is the mechanism by which human-readable hierarchical names (Domain Names) are translated to Internet numbered addresses (IP addresses), and vice-versa. It is a distributed database of information. Computers all around the globe maintain their specific portion of this database, and the data held in each portion of the database is made available to all computers and users on the Internet.

What are DNS nameservers?
A DNS nameserver is a computer which runs the DNS service that is used to translate a domain name like www.MeccaHosting.com into a numbered IP address like and vice versa.

How do DNS nameservers affect my services?
The DNS nameservers listed on your domain registration are the servers that will be used by Internet users to determine the numbered IP address with which to connect to your web and/or e-mail server. Every domain name registered on the Internet has at least two nameservers assigned to handle this translation and without these nameservers a domain name would be unusable.

If you already registered a domain name before signing up for our service, then you will need to contact the registrar where you purchased your domain name and tell them you would like to change the nameservers on your domain to the ones that we provided you. If you registered your domain name with Mecca Hosting, then your domain name was already registered with our nameservers and you would not need to take any additional steps.

Where can the DNS nameserver information be found?
Your assigned DNS nameservers can be obtained at any time from our account manager. You will find the nameservers by clicking on "DNS Nameservers" under the "Your Domain" tab within our account manager.