We support database access on all web publishing programs, but are not
able to provide instructions for all of them.
The configuration options come down to five main things:


This driver must be installed on your computer. You can download this
driver here.

2. DATABASE: mydomain_com

The database name cannot contain '.' or '-' characters, so we replace them
with the '_' (underscore) character. Note: Please replace "yourdomain_com"
with your domain name.

3. SERVER: www.mydomain.com

Use your normal web site address.

4. UID: a0000033

Use the database user id that you were assigned. This would have been
provided to you in an e-mail entitled "Your database has been created.".
Please contact our support team if you did not receive it.

5. PWD: (your password)

This is the same password that you use to login to other areas of your account.

You do not use a DSN to connect to our database, so do not select that when
setting up your database connection. You would typically create a "custom"
connection string, which would typically look like the following:




Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open "DRIVER={MySQL};DATABASE=mydomain_com;SERVER=www.mydomain.com;UID=a0000033;PWD=mypassword;"
Set myTable = Conn.Execute("SELECT * From myTable")